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Hudson Tree Care knows that not all trees are the same. We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on all things tree. Give us a call today to experience the difference with Hudson Tree Care.

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General Tree Services in Hudson, FL

Your trees make up an indispensable part of the natural environment that surrounds your home. Well-maintained trees add considerable value to your property, and they deserve the best tree care service in Caldwell County. We specialize in delivering an exceptional selection of tree care services to care for trees at all stages of life properly.

Our exceptional tree care starts with the highly trained members of our tree care crews. We hire tree care specialists who love trees and know how to combine professional tree care skills with customer service. Along with a terrific team of tree care specialists, our team benefits from the experienced expertise of certified arborists who can solve complicated tree related problems.

Scheduled Maintenance

Did you know that trees require maintenance to nourish? Untended trees detract from the inherent beauty of your yard and may even represent a safety hazard. We offer a variety of affordable scheduled maintenance plans that are appropriate for any situation. You’ll be surprised at how simple and cost effective it is to make routine tree maintenance a part of your overall home maintenance program.

A scheduled maintenance program takes care of small issues before they transform into expensive headaches. We’ll check out the entire tree structure as well as the surrounding soil and treat any potential problems, saving you and your tree distress.

Tree Inspections

The trees on your property are a significant investment, and we offer expert inspection services for those times when you need specialized advice on how to solve a challenging tree situation. Along with the general tree inspections that take place during our scheduled maintenance appointments, we offer an in-depth tree inspection service to assess the health and safety of a tree.

Our professional tree crews are entirely familiar with everything involving the variety of trees that live in our area. We know which things warrant a closer examination. Contact us to schedule an inspection for:

  • Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

  • Storm Damage

  • Potential Hazard to Life & Property

Removal Options

We know that you value your trees and everyone at Hudson Tree Care works hard each day to improve the lives of trees in Hudson. Still, there are occasions when it makes sense to remove a tree. Our expert, tree removal team, is well versed in all aspects of safe and efficient tree removal.

Although it’s usually possible to schedule a tree removal in advance, we are pleased to offer an emergency tree removal service. Emergency tree care is provided every day of the year because we know that urgent situations tend to happen on weekends and holidays.

Why Choose Hudson Tree Care?

Hudson is our hometown. All of us at Hudson Tree Care come to work each day determined to give you premium tree care services at prices that you can afford. We believe that providing honest advice and quality tree care is essential for our survival. We’ll delight you with our:

  • Professional Tree Care Crew

  • Certified Arborist

  • Comprehensive Insurance & Business License

  • Friendly Customer Service

  • Competitive Prices

Hudson Tree Care is thriving in the super competitive tree care industry because we work hard to exceed the expectations of every customer.

Everything that we do is designed to make you happy that you hired our company. Contact us to arrange fantastic tree care service.

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