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That tree stump sitting in your yard is a potential troublemaker. It can be the go-to place for all the termites and pests within 200 yards. Call Hudson Tree Care for stump grinding and removal service, to rid your yard of those stumps today!

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Stump Removal and Grinding Services in Hudson

The tree stump in your yard is a reminder that a tree once stood in that spot. Although it can be tempting, especially when you loved the tree, to allow the tree stump to remain untreated, it’s never a good idea.

An untreated tree stump can result in a whole host of problems. You can stay away from potential trouble by investing in a stump grinding or complete stump removal procedure.

Why A Hudson Tree Specialist Recommends Stump Treatment

Are you tempted to leave the tree stump in your yard alone so that you can save some money? Maybe the sight of the stump brings back happy memories of days spent relaxing underneath the shade of the former tree. Whatever your reason for wanting to allow the tree stump to remain, we suggest that you opt instead for our expert stump service.

Reasons to consider stump grinding and stump removal services include:

  • Eliminate a Tripping Hazard.

  • Prevent an Insect Infestation.

  • Improve Yard Maintenance.

  • Make Room for a New Tree.

Contact us for answers as to why you should consider our stump grinding and removal service.

Select the Appropriate Method for the Job

Do you know the difference between stump grinding and complete stump removal? Each method comes with pros and cons. Our dedicated tree care team will discuss each option with you to help you decide on the appropriate plan for your situation. The two common stump treatment methods that we offer are:



  • Stump Grinding– Many customers appreciate how environmentally friendly stump grinding is as a stump treatment. With this method, a tree specialist uses a specialized tool to grind the stump down to ground level. The stump debris is sawdust which works well as an attractive ground cover.


  • Stump Removal– You’ll probably opt for a total stump removal if you want to plant another tree in the location. The complete removal of a stump includes the stump and remaining tree roots.

Hudson Tree Care Experts Know Stumps

We are your full-care tree care company. Our tree care specialists are highly trained professionals who know how to provide exceptional service in all tree-related tasks.

Before starting any work, your tree care specialist will discuss the benefits of both stump treatment methods so that you understand your options. We know that money is a factor in your decision making and we’ll give you an upfront price estimate to help you fit the work into your budget.

The Best in Local Hudson Stump Treatment and Tree Care Company

Why go with an outside tree contractor when you can hire one that calls Hudson home? We employ tree care professionals who adore keeping trees healthy, and all of us at Hudson Tree Care get tremendous satisfaction in providing you with the ultimate in tree care service. We take stump grinding and complete stump removal seriously, and you can be confident that we’ll give you our best effort.

Contact us to discover our best in class stump grinding and removal services.

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