Massive pruning projects should be performed by a tree care professional. Pruning little trees and branches is very manageable. You can learn how to trim tree branches on a small tree and do the job all by yourself.

If you’re up to work, read on for a guide to trimming small trees and branches.


Trimming Tree Branches 

If you want to trim little trees, go for it. Though, you should not try to cut a tree if you have to get on a ladder. 

To trim a branch:

  • Be sure your trimming tool is clean and sharp.Hudson Tree Care how to trim tree branches in spring
  • Inspect the parts of the tree and branch. 
  • Have a good look at the spot you’ll cut. The aim is to put a cut just beyond the collar of the branch, far away enough not to slice the collar itself but near enough not to have a stub.
  • For a thin branch, say, look for the sweet spot pass the branch collar. Cut the branch at a 60 degree—slice right to the bark ridge.
  • For a thick branch, cut halfway into the branch’s bottom. Next, go a couple of inches past the cut, and slice into the top of the branch, allowing it to fall. Finally, put the last cut past the branch collar.

Trimming a Small Tree

When trimming a small tree, the method of eliminating a branch is the same. However, other factors come into play. Create a chart for the branches you’ll cut and the ones you’ll save. Also, try to get rid of limbs that are spreading across the tree’s interior from one side to the other.

Arrange how much to cut. It’s advised not to remove over 20% of a tree’s canopy at one time. Also, slice off any water sprouts. Those are stringy, weak branches that typically thrive in clusters and sit flawlessly upright on tree limbs. If you have a young tree, trim the branches that are battling with the leader branch.

Avoid Trimming A Large Tree

Attempting to prune heavy limbs on a big tree is not advised. Being on a ladder with pruning equipment could prove hazardous. You could lose your footing and hurt yourself, or worse, the ladder could tumble over. With that said, you must never attempt to prune a large tree by yourself.

Contact one of our knowledgeable arborists at Hudson Tree Care for assistance with big tree pruning projects.