Pruning shears are a gardener’s best friend. This tool performs numerous tasks, so it usually appears worn out after a while. You could easily neglect caring for your pruners. Follow the tips below to learn how to sharpen pruning shears

Picking Pruners

Don’t just pick the first pair of inexpensive pruners you see at the store. Choose for quality. Select a brand you trust. Also, be sure the pruning shears are the right weight and size, fitting comfortably in your hand. It is critical to pick a pair that is easy to use. 


There is nothing more irritating than trying to trim with dull pruners. You end up tussling for a while only to rip and bend branches, leaving them vulnerable to diseases. It is worth it to prevent all this aggravation by purchasing a good pair of pruners and sharpening them correctly


Start sharpening with a coarse file. To do this, slide the file across the slanting edge of the blade the same way. As you hone the blade, it should change into a lighter color.

Sharpening StoneHudson Tree Care how to sharpen your pruning shears

After using the file to sharpen, slide a sharpening stone across the blade to make everything smooth.

Steel Wool

Move steel wool in circles across the blade to get rid of any bits of roughness and rust. 


Lastly, and this might seem weird, but spray your pruning shears with a vegetable oil non-stick cooking spray. This process protects and lubricates the blades, keeping them in shape for a long time. 

Pruner Cleaning

Pruning shears slice through all sorts of branches and stems. This fact means that your pruners end up messy, grimy, and sticky, covered with pollen, plant debris, and sap. If you don’t clean your shears regularly, your tool could be difficult to open and close because of too much dirt build-up.

Also, infested fragments of plant gummed to the pruners could transfer disease to your other plants. Keep your pruning shears clean the correct way with both regular washings after every use and a deep clean every season.

For more information on how to clean pruning shears, call Hudson Tree Care.