Tree stumps are unattractive and use precious space. Even if they’re little, stumps are hardy. Tree stumps can develop lots of new shoots as their roots thrive deep in the soil. By leaning on how to kill a tree stump, you make way for a beautiful outdoor space. 

When its massive root system keeps sprouting leafy shoots, the stump will develop instead of the rotting way after the tree is gone. 


How to Kill a Tree Stump: Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has sulfur and magnesium, which could create a healthy growing setting for trees in tiny amounts. Though, baring tree stump roots to abundant amounts of these minerals produce hazardous results. Start the procedure by blending 100 Epsom salt with water to make a mixture that will rot the stump’s roots. 

Next, drill several holes into the stump. Every hole should be around one inch wide and 10 inches deep. Lastly, pour ample amounts of the solution in the holes. Overlay the stump with a tarp and let the mixture sit for around 90 days for the salt to destroy the stump’s root system. 


Rock SaltHudson Tree Care Kill A Tree Stump

Typically used to melt ice, rock salt is a devastating force on tree stumps. The sodium chloride in rock salt makes the soil keep water, so the roots don’t absorb it. 

This extreme dryness eventually kills the stump. The method works by placing several holes into a tree stump. Put rock salt in the holes and cover with hot water to melt the salt crystals. 

Apply a layer of rock salt around the stump’s bottom. Pour hot water on the rock salt layer to make the salt filter into the soil. Enclose the top of the stump with soil and mulch, allowing it to sit for 45 days. As the stump begins to decay, start the removal procedure.


Controlled Burn

Burning is a low-cost way to destroy a tree stump. Though, city officials deny permission to burn in some areas due to fire codes. If you can perform a controlled burn in your yard, drill numerous one-inch holes into the stump, making them 12-inch-deep as well. 

Pour fuel into every hole, completely saturating the stump. Put pieces of wood on top of the stump and set fire to them. Cautiously watch the fire as it expands from the wood pieces to the stump. Keep watching the stump as it burns and becomes ash.


No Sun

Keeping a tree from any sunshine is an economical stump removal technique. 

Slice the stump close to the root system and engulf it with a sturdy, resilient gallon black trash bag. For little stumps, cover the stump with a dark-colored bucket to keep out water and sunlight. Put a brick on top of the bucket, so it remains in place. You should see results in around 60 days. 

If you need more information on how to kill a tree stump, reach out to Hudson Tree Service. You can also make an appointment with us for a professional stump removal service.