Do you find the notion of wanting to deadhead roses scary? Deadheading roses means getting rid of the old blooms from your roses. When learning how to deadhead roses, the recommendation is to use a technique that will provide you with the look you desire. 

Getting rid of wilted blooms (“deadheading”) from your roses is a super-easy way to bring a neat appearance to your garden. The technique for deadheading roses is according to their type. Generally, the simplest way is to cut off the depleted rose at the bottom of its short stem, over any foliage. Eliminating the old blooms ceases the plant from giving energy to developing seeds and instead urges it to create more flowers. 


How to Deadhead Roses: The 5-Leaf Junction Method 

The technique preferred by most arborists to deadhead roses is to trim the old blooms off down to the first 5-leaf junction at a small angle leaving around 1/4 of an inch over the junction—the amount left over the junction assists in sustaining new growth and potential blooms. 

Hudson Tree Care how to deadhead rosesClose the cut ends of the canes with Elmer’s glue. Honestly, any glue will work except school glue. School glue typically washes off. The glue makes an excellent barrier over the cut end of the cane to shield the center. It’s essential to cover the center so that annoying insects don’t cause any damage to the cane. Pests can destroy the whole cane as well as the whole rose bush.

The 5-leaf junction method offers gardeners the chance to do some shaping of the rose bush. Thus, when the rose bush blossoms, you have the aesthetic appeal of a fantastic bouquet right there in your rose bed that outshines the same bouquet from any florist shop. Not to mention the advantages of retaining new growth of your rose bushes. Your bush should be thin enough to maintain good airflow all through the bush. 

No method of deadheading roses is wrong. The aim is to get the look you like for your rose bed. The critical thing to think of when you deadhead roses is to appreciate your roses and the time spent nurturing them. Your garden and rose bed are enchanting places to be. 

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