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Hudson Tree Care is a local, full-service tree company that specializes in all things tree. Tree services to include tree removal, emergency tree service, and tree care are just a few. Connect us today to get the best Hudson Tree Care around!

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Can you imagine your yard without trees? Think about how dull and unwelcoming your yard would be without the constant presence of your favorite tree.

Your trees enrich both the beauty of your yard and your spirit.  Indeed, the rich harvest colors of the Fall foliage all around us serves as a potent reminder of the pure passage of time even as the Springtime tree buds welcome new life.

We appreciate the place that your trees hold in your heart and all of us at Hudson Tree Care are excited to keep them in tip-top condition.

Hudson Tree Care is a locally based company that provides complete tree care services to customers in Hudson, FL.

Our highly trained tree care specialists know how to keep all types of Hudson trees thriving through a program of affordable services.

We believe in combining top-notch technical skill with honest and friendly customer service.

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Country Lake

We are fortunate to have the education and experience to provide a complete array of tree care services for our customers in Hudson. Landscapers and yard maintenance companies sometimes claim to perform tree care but it is often limited to tree trimming. We go far beyond tree trimming to meet the needs of your trees throughout their lifespans.

Hudson Tree Care aims to make it simple to care for your trees. Our customer support team will work with you to schedule a tree care appointment that fits your needs and budget. You can rely on us to show up at our service appointments on time.

Tree Worker in Hudson

Tree Removal

Proper tree removal requires the skill of an experienced tree care crew to ensure the safety of everything in the vicinity. The tree care specialists with Hudson Tree Care have extensive experience removing trees in the area. We know what can go wrong in the tree removal process and we have the tree-related understanding and skill to make sure that we can take down your tree with a minimum of drama and a maximum of safety.

We’ll deliver caring and professional removal service for every situation from a single tree in your yard to clearing a large stand of trees. Contact us for details on our tree removal service.

Palm Tree Service

Tree Services

A talented team of tree care technicians and certified arborists perform a comprehensive range of tree care services for homes and residences in Hudson. We value your business and promise to deliver the highest quality professional service at reasonable prices.

We offer a variety of one-time and routine tree maintenance services that are designed to improve the appearance and vitality of all types of trees. Customers all over Hudson rely on us for such services as planting, disease prevention, tree trimming, tree removal, and emergency tree care.

Contact us today to schedule a budget-friendly tree care service.

Hudson tree care

Tree Cutting

Before you grab an ax to take down a tree on your property, take the time to consider the possible disasters that await. Do you know, for example, exactly where a tree will fall when you begin to cut it down? Honestly, the best way for you to practice tree cutting is to put down the ax and phone us.

We are tree cutting pros, and we’ve successfully cut down trees all over Hudson. We guarantee that everyone on the Hudson Tree Care tree cutting crew knows all about how to safely tackle a tree cutting job. Our teams skillfully handle tree cutting projects of all sizes.

Hudson Arborist

Tree Trimming

Routine tree trimming is the most efficient and wallet-friendly way to show your trees some love. Correctly grooming a tree takes more skill than buying a pruning kit and going to work on a tree. Improper trimming harms the appearance, and can even hurt the health, of a tree.

Our tree trimming service has Hudson trees nourishing all over town. You can depend on our tree trimming gurus to read your tree to prune the branches to achieve maximum beauty and health. A tree cared for by Hudson Tree Care is a beautiful addition to any yard.

Emergency Tree Services in Hudson FL

Emergency Tree Removal

Unfortunately, circumstances sometimes demand an emergency tree removal. Sometimes a storm causes lethal damage to a tree. Other times, a homeowner might receive notice of code violation that necessitates urgent tree removal. Whatever the reason, we’ll immediately send a terrific tree removal crew to your location to assess the situation and execute the extraction.

A significant benefit to using our service is that we have the expertise of a certified arborist to rely on for emergency tree removal advice. Having a certified arborist on staff allows us to quickly come up with a plan to safely and efficiently handle technically challenging situations.

Hudson Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump Grinding & Removal

The tree stump is the part that is left after the tree removal. It’s essential to perform a complete stump removal or a stump grinding to avoid the negative consequences of leaving the tree stump alone. We’ll be happy to chat about the pros and cons of the various stump treatments with you so that you can pick the service that fits your requirements.

We believe that stump removal and grinding services are part of an overall tree care program. We employ effective stump treatment strategies that are environmentally friendly and make it possible to plant another tree at that location if desired.

We’ve Been Helping Hudson Tree Owners For Over 7 Years

We believe that Hudson Tree Care is the best tree contractor in Hudson, FL. Our tree care crews consist of talented professionals who bring deep experience in all aspects of tree care and a sincere love of trees to work each day. We’ve grown our tree care business by performing high-quality work at reasonable prices.

Along with taking excellent care of your trees, we also focus on building a terrific long-term relationship with our customers. We value your trust and hope to receive your repeat business by offering service that is:

  • Dependable
  • First Rate Quality
  • Affordable
  • Fully Guaranteed

Hudson Tree Care is your neighborhood based tree care company, and we’re eager to introduce ourselves to you. We’re delighted to offer comprehensive tree care services that suit every budget. Our tree care crews are available by appointment and on an emergency basis.

Contact us to schedule one of our tree care services today.

Client Testimonials

“The leaves on the Maple in my backyard had ugly black spots, and I was afraid that the tree was severely diseased. A friend told me to call Hudson Tree Care. You came right away and took care of my tree. Thank you so much.”

Erin E.

“We wanted to plant a row of trees to shield our yard from a busy road. The arborist helped me pick out an appropriate species and even went with me to choose the right ones. It was much cheaper than I was expecting. I’m happy to recommend this company.”

Verne B.

“The trees in my new backyard were overgrown and had many dead branches. It looked awful. I hired Hudson Tree Care, and the tree crew brought the trees back to life. My yard looks, and we love entertaining in the backyard now.”

Susie F.

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